Registration Brochure

The SECO 2017 Registration Brochure is available for download as a PDF.  Course descriptions are NOT included in this PDF. To assist you in viewing course descriptions before or during registration we have several options:

1) Use our OD Course Info search page.
2) Use our OP Course Info search page.
3) Use our Quick Course Description Lookup.
4) Use the links built into the Registration Brochure PDF.

Important Tips:
  • If viewing in a browser, Firefox is recommended.
  • Each course listing in the daily course grids can be click to view the course's description in a separate web page. It is best viewed using Adobe Acrobat. 
  • Internal PDF viewers in Chrome and Opera are not recommened. Chrome and Opera users will should consider disabling the default internal PDF viewer. See the link below to assist in disabling.