Please be sure to check with your state board(s) to see if you are taking the appropriate courses for your professional license and/or certification.

Course offerings for Florida certified credits:
     i. Prevention of Medical Errors for Optometric Physicians (Dr. Bob Easton) – 2 hrs (#145) - This course meets the requirements for Florida and other states requiring a medical errors course as part of licensure renewal.

Course offerings for Kentucky certified credits (5 combined hours of LP, SP, IS per year):
     i. Lasers in Optometry– 2 hrs LP (#171)
     ii. Injections Learning Lab– 2 hrs IS (#603)
     iii. Narcotic Prescribing and Drug Diversion– 2 hrs (#155) required for Kentucky licensees who hold a DEA license.
     iv. Advanced Procedures Learning Lab – 2 hrs SP (#606)

Course offerings for North Carolina certified credits:
     i. Please check to see what courses qualify for your state license renewal.

Course offering(s) for West Virginia:
     i. Narcotic Prescribing and Drug Diversion– 2 hrs (#155)– meets 2 of the 3 hours of drug diversion and best practices of controlled substances.