Demonstrate a commitment to your profession and continued learning by enrolling in SECO's new Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program.

This one-of-a-kind program includes the hands-on skills testing that you will find nowhere else in the country. Choose from a variety of courses and learning labs that will expand your knowledge and even challenge the veteran ophthalmic professional.

Who should take this program?

Any ophthalmic professional that is either a veteran or new to the profession who is interested in furthering your education and commitment to your profession.

How does it work?

To receive SECO’s Ophthalmic Professional Certificate, participants must:

1) Declare your participation in the Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program
When you register for SECO 2017, you must declare that you are participating in the program beginning in year one. You will find a simple checkbox prominently displayed during online registration. We must have this information in advance in order to track your progress and point accumulation.

2) Take courses and earn a minimum of 80 course value points over two years
We have identified courses within our ophthalmic professional education program that provide the necessary training for a successful career. These select courses have been assigned value points, which count towards the required total of 80 points. You must earn the 80 points over the next two years.

3) Pass the Hands-On Ophthalmic Professional Skills Course (course #926)
You must pass three performance stations while being assessed on 15 skills required for the prescreening of patients during an eye exam. These skills are based on national standards and will be graded as pass/fail. Participants have up to four years from program enrollment to pass the Ophthalmic Professional Skills Course.

NOTE: You may take the Ophthalmic Professional Skills course before completing the required coursework in order to assess your skills, plan for next year’s courses, familiarize yourself with the testing format, and receive feedback on your skill level. You will be required to complete all three steps in order to receive a certificate of completion.

"This two-year certification program will cover key areas necessary to become a complete technician. If you are serious about becoming the best ophthalmic professional you can be, this program will put you on the right path."
Rosalind Overton-Smith, OD SECO OP Education Committee, Chair
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